Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{Abby + Ryann~Ceremony}

There were too many favorites to put into just one post. What can I say? I loved this wedding.
I've said this before, but Abby and Ryann were so great to work with--fun, friendly and super in love. Their style was amazing as well, but even more I loved watching them interact together--I can't help but a adore couples who makes each other laugh. Also, can you believe Ryann's suit?


caitlin said...

Lindsey you are so good! Let's get in a time machine and shoot my wedding over again! (Oh and I will wear that stylish headband too:)

rYLeE & KaTiE said...

I agree with Caitlin. Can you shoot my wedding in the past too? :) I will maybe wear a different dress and have everything be different except the groom, I think I'll keep him.

Beautiful Lindsey really! She is stunning... They look like a super fun couple.

Isaac and Jenni Marshall said...

WOW!!! The photos from this wedding (and the bridals) are absolutely stunning! I am completely inspired by your incredible work. Thank you for sharing with the blog world!

Robin said...

Seriously. How can one couple be so adorable? Your blog is making all of want to relive that day...with some updated changes, of course! :) Well done, my friend!

BreeAnn said...

gorgeous! I love it!