Monday, March 23, 2009

{Ali + Breck}

How much do I love this picture?

A lot.

I think because it is so green and bright and Springy. I kept calling this awesome patch of grass clover, but I'm pretty sure it isn't clover. It must be in the Irish in me.

One day I will get back to posting all my favorites from all my sittings...when I'm not so busy doing sittings maybe. In the meantime there might just be a few peeks here and there.

Oh and I haven't forgotten you Marin and Kris. Yours is up next.


geri said...

you are so busy because you are so FANTASTIC!

(that green grass is making me ache for spring. sheesh!)

Amanda said...

I love this picture! It does make me want spring!! Why did it have to snow yesterday? I love the color in your pictures! And I really love that picture below with the clock. Great job!!