Sunday, June 21, 2009

{Thank You...}

Kate for being lovely. Thank you for having a beautifully romantic dress. Thanks Kate for almost fainting (but not really fainting), which led to you sitting, which led to great pictures. Thank you weather for cooperating and not raining and being sunny at all the right times. Thank you Kate's mom for running to my car to get Kate graham crackers.

I really loved this sitting.


geri said...

how dreamy and lovely!
the light is so beautiful.
(and i bet the near-fainting experience added some excitement to things. good for you and the graham crackers.)

tiernybugs said...

Hey there! I love these bridals! Where did you take them at?

caitlin said...

Ah how romantic and dreamy. Lindsey you are amazing!

Kate said...

{Thank you...}
Lindsey for being such an amazing photographer. Thanks for having graham crackers and water. Thank you for such perfect pictures! I love, love, love them!