Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Pure gorgeousness pretty much sums up Rachel. Seriously, isn't she stunning? Matt is one lucky man. Rachel is also super sweet, with an amazing family to boot. We had an entourage of love and support at her bridals. Everyone contributed to helping, whether it was keeping dogs away and off the dress, making the bouquet, straightening the dress, gathering pretty leaves and fixing her hair. A special thanks goes to her Uncle Dan for holding my camera bag (I was 37 weeks pregnant at that point!)

Rachel's lovely dress was custom made by Penny from Penelope's. One of my all time favorite dressmakers.


Opie said...

Stunning! Love the fall trees and the softness of these bridals.

HollieKs said...

Your photography is gorgeous, saw your blog through another reader I follow.:)

Becky said...

You can rock the lens flare. I love the creamy softness as well. Such a pretty bride!