Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear Lucy

"If you become the wind and blow me," said the little bunny,
"I will join a circus and fly away on a flying trapeze."

"If you go flying on a flying trapeze," said his mother,
"I will be a tightrope walker,
and I will walk across the air to you."


mnwphotography said...

That is Pure Adorableness!!! She is breath taking Lindsey!

I love your blog and your work, been a fan for awhile!

I'm a newlywed but golly you make me want to start having kids!

Lindsey said...

Thanks Mallory! I have to admit, we think she is pretty awesome :)

Aria said...

You have to frame this photo! She is such a beautiful little doll! And I LOVE that little story book - my mom used to read it to me as a kid.