Friday, May 21, 2010

Alex and Blake

Alex and Blake made the long drive down from Rexburg for these pictures. I'm sure happy we had some lovely weather in this spotty Spring for them. Hooray!

I so loved this sweet engagement session.

I also kinda think Blake looks like someone famous. Any guesses?

Oh, and I know exactly two people from Rexburg and Alex knew them both. Small world.


alexandria said...

they're beautiful!
i love them.
you are fantastic at what you do!
have a great day!


Drew and Brandi said...

Love them - I think they are such a darling couple! Great job at capturing them and their sweet love!

missy said...

Hmmm... to me he looks like a combo of Ryan from the Office and John Cusack hahaha
beautiful shoot!

Jessica Hills said...

These are SO GORGEOUS! The best engagments I have seen in a long time...and I look at a lot of photo blogs :)

Aria said...

These are beautiful!!!

And I think he totally looks like BJ Novak from The I right??

Lindsey said...

Yeah, I think Blake looks sooo much like Ryan.

Thanks everyone! Alex and Blake made my job easy!

Becky said...

She is adorable! Your location is fabulous for these two...
If you ever want a tag a long to help you on a shoot let me know!


Marielle Hayes Photography said...

These are gorgeous. What a beautiful couple! They look so relaxed, so happy & so in LOVE~ great job!