Monday, November 8, 2010

Heidi and Jake

I have become slightly obsessed with Huntsville this Autumn.  It is so gorgeous.  If I was to retire to a Utah valley it would have to be Huntsville or Heber.  They tie for pretty.  And I know I keep saying it, but this Fall has been fabulously beautiful.  Heidi and Jake's sitting was no exception.  It didn't hurt that Jake's family owns a lovely bit of the mountain.  And there happened to fields, and a cabin, and cows, and a pond, and old bikes.  And a lot of cow pies.  And I was wearing flip flops.  

Not only did I love the location, but I loved Heidi and Jake.  Their parents were friends and they grew up vacationing together.  How sweet is that? 

Oh, and we also share a lot of the same phobias (dinosaur's and being eaten by wild animals, anyone?)  You learn a lot about someone when you are driving up a mountain together!


Nicolette said...

Lindsey, these are awesome. What a beautiful place! My fav is the one on the fence. So pretty!

Anna said...

Ahhh! I love these especially the one in the field with the sun cinematic.

Becky said...

Amazing pictures! I love love love the location! Now that I missed fall maybe next year I will snag you to take pictures of me and the husband. I adore your photography!!

Opie said...

Love the reflection in the pond shot. I keep telling my husband that when I retire I want to live in Heber. It's just beautiful there.