Monday, January 24, 2011

Alex and Blake's Lovely Idaho Wedding

Ahh, I have such a warm spot in my heart for Alex and Blake.  First of all, they are darling.  2nd of all, they are super, super nice.  And third, they had me come up to Idaho to photograph their sweet wedding.  It was a perfect weekend, and although the weather threatened to blow over the tent several times, it ended up being as sunny as can be.  Some of my favorite bits about the wedding were,

-All the pink.  I don't have a lot of pink in my personal life, but I was really digging it here.   It was so fun, and bright (and girly).  Which I'm sure Blake was totally fine with, because he is great like that.
-The small, small town where Alex grew up.  Since I'm surrounded by mountains, I really enjoyed that Idaho sky, which goes on forever.
-That the reception was on the family farm, where Alex literally grew up working.  She may like pink, but she knows how to farm.  That is awesome.
-Alex's dress.  One of my favorite dresses ever.  And it was made by a lady who lives in Mud Lake.  I just like the ring of that.
-How great Alex and Blake are together.  They are best friends, and you can totally tell.

Alex is a pretty fantastic photographer herself.  You should check out her work here and here.  And her cute friend Geri (who I now like to think of as my cute friend Geri) referred me to her.  Geri is pretty fantastic as well.  Her cute blogs are here and here.

Congrats Alex and Blake on 6 months of marriage!


geri e. said...

Lady, we've been cute friends for a while now! And you did an A-mazing job! Love these photos.

the hawker's said...

i love you lindsey!
and your sweet skills!
just move to idaho {since you LOVE it, right?} and lets be friends forever.

photography by Mikki said...

Lindsey- you are just plain good. Beautiful, beautiful work.

ashley said...

i love love love this lindsey! you are totally awesome!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

I love this whole wedding. It just makes me swoon. The pink cake and flowers rock and really just pop off the page. Totally inspirational. Love it! I've had it open and bookmarked since you posted it! <3