Sunday, February 20, 2011

Allyssa and Noah

Allyssa and Noah had the sweetest wedding ever.  They worked together to create all of their decorations, and I thought that was just about perfect.  Their pinata was even my inspiration for Lucy's 1st birthday pinata!  Their wedding was low key, family oriented (how cool is a pinata!), and lovely.  I was so happy to share the day with them.  Here are some of Allyssa's thoughts on the day, 

Our wedding was the ultimate DIY wedding. We had a small budget so with the help of friends and family we handmade most of our wedding details like the fabric flowers for the centerpieces and bouquets, my brooch bouquet, decorations, and our favorite thing about the wedding- the pinata! We decided to do a pinata instead of party favors and we knew all the kids would love it too. I love vintage everything so I knew our whole wedding would be based around the rustic vintage look. I got some of my ideas and inspirations from, and ebay, etsy, and antique shops were my go to places for the bridesmaids dresses, tablecloths, the brooches, vintage centerpieces, etc.
      We knew all along we wanted to have the ceremony in the mountains so after a lot of searching we found the perfect little clearing up Millcreek Canyon. I wanted to be comfortable so I decided to ditch my cute vintage pumps and I was barefoot all day. My dress was inspired by a dress that I had seen on Ruffledblog, I bought a similar one and had it reconstructed, and in true vintage fashion we got Noah's suit from the thrift store.
     It turned out to be a wonderful day and knowing we created most of it ourselves made it that much more special!


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EMS said...

This wedding is lovely. I've actually started to think about my wedding day (just a little bit, I'm not one of those girls that's been planning my wedding since I was little) and I love the DIY wedding. Everything would be just the way I wanted it and it would truly be unique. Plus I am sort of a crafty person. These pictures are an inspiration. Thanks Lindsey!

allison said...

sooooo pretty Lindsey!

I love all the details.

Becky said...

I absolutely LOVE this wedding! Lindsey you are amazing!

Erin and Matt said...

So pretty, and featured on Ruffled!!! Love it!

Summer said...

Really super cute. I kind of can't get over those bouquets.