Wednesday, March 9, 2011

John and Kelsi

This wedding was so, so, so much fun. There was so many wonderful, and thoughtful details. From fabulous food, to a live band and everything in between. John and Kelsi had the Ceremony and Reception in their backyard, and it was the perfect spot. Their property looks out over the Wasatch mountains and is nestled into horse country. I particularly loved the lanterns out in the fields, and the furniture and trees that were placed throughout the yard. It really gave the space a relaxed, lounge feel. The huge swatches of fabric that hung over the dance floor and the chandeliers filled to the brim with flowers was also pretty awesome. I can't thank John and Kelsi enough. I also got to hang out with one of my good, good friends, Kim, who 2nd shot for me that day. Congratulations John and Kelsi! This post may be a little late (9 month anniversary!), but late then never :)

Kim took those 2 great photos above.

Kim brought her Polaroid and got this great one. Perfect kiss!

Catering: Culinary Crafts
Wedding Planner: Kritina Pluta
2nd Photographer: Kim Orlandini


kimsueellen said...

Such a beautiful wedding. It was perfect. Loved shooting it with you!

Paul & Rachel said...

Wow. Fun and fancy!