Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chelsey and Adam + a Hard Week

Chelsey and Adam are so cute! Or, should I say Awesome? I'm working on gender neutral words, since I don't think most of my grooms like being called pretty or cute, which I tend to say a lot. So, Adam, you are awesome! Chelsey you are awesome too!

I have also had a bit of crazy week, on the personal front. My dad had emergency heart bypass surgery on Tuesday. It has been scary, surreal, and exhausting, but he is doing good and I'm doing good. And I know I tend to not get too personal on here, but it is kind of a big deal. So, if I'm a tad slower in returning emails, there is a very good reason! Thanks for being patient as I try to split my time between the hospital, my family and work. The good news, he now sounds just like my dad again. Yesterday was frightening, but today is much, much better.

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melissa said...

Good luck in the next bit. My best to your dad and your family.