Thursday, September 15, 2011

Beautiful Mama

A new mother with her child is an amazingly beautiful thing to behold. I was so honored to photograph Christy and her precious baby, Martha. It brought back all my feelings of new motherhood. This crazy  intense love for a little person, you hardly know, but love with all your heart. It's scary, and exhausting, and emotional, and wonderful. I remember seeing Lucy for the first time, and thinking, "that was you, all this time. And I didn't know how amazing and beautiful and wonderful you were. I loved you, but I didn't know I would love you this much." Those first few weeks go so quickly, and you barely remember it, because you are hardly sleeping, and trying to figure out feeding, and your body feels like a wreck, and you feel like a wreck, and you forget what a long shower feels like, but it's also some of the most beautiful moments of my life. I think all moms should be photographed with theirs kids as much as possible. Dad's too, but let's face it, mom's tend to get the shaft as far as being in photos with their kids. And it is too precious to not record. Because as sad and wonderful as it is, before you know it, your little munchkin is running around, dressing herself, doing somersaults, telling you, "no!" and basically growing up way faster than you are prepared for.

So thank you Christy for letting me document the beginning of your journey with Martha.
She is beautiful and so are you.


geri e. said...

So sweet and so precious. In love.

Rachel said...

Love. Will you take pictures when I have a baby? Thanks :)