Friday, August 22, 2008

{Phelps Lake Hike}

Here are a few pics of our Jackson Hole trip. These were the only digital I shot that week. The rest of the week was all polaroid and holga. I love digital, but shooting film helps me reconnect with my photography roots. One day I will get around to scanning it all!
In the meantime here are some details from Phelps Lake. I threw in a picture of the lake so you could, you know, see that we did actually go there. The rest of the time I was enjoying all of the texture in the details. Scott was super patient. I think he was hoping to see a bear while I was doing my thing, but no such luck.
We were short on time, but if you are ever up there you can hike down to a huge (HUGE-30 feet) rock and jump into the lake. So fun. We first discovered it a couple of years ago. I double dog dared everyone and led the way, hiking clothes and all. I'd advise wearing your swimsuit.


Katie McDermott said...

Lindsey I really love these pictures. It makes me want to go into nature more!

Tara and Dan Stewart said...

Next year we will coordinate our hikes together! Phelps Lake looks beautiful

Matilda said...

Good for people to know.