Thursday, October 16, 2008

{Abby + Ryan}

I love fall and I love these pictures. The hardest part of my job is editing and I struggled to edit these done to a few. So I didn't. These are still just a small portion of the shoot. I mentioned before how much fun I had shooting these two, but I will say it again. I loved, loved photographing Abby and Ryan. They have such great style and were so fun together. This was the first time I met Abby in person and I was super excited to see her get out of the car. I remembered her from a wedding I did a couple of years back (she was a bridesmaid).
I love reconnecting with people. People are why I love weddings. I'm always asked if I ever have "bridezillas" but I can honestly say I haven't and that I have worked with some of the nicest people ever. Abby and Ryan definitely fit that bill.


caitlin said...

This reminds me of some gorgeous J Crew catalog or something!! I love how you are always trying new things and places. Bravo!

BreeAnn said...

Those are very classy and clean Lindsey.I like them a lot!

Teddy and Scotty said...

Oh your stuff is so beautiful! I am so sad that I got married before I knew about you and this fabulous style of photography. I have got to get back in the past somehow! I am in love! You are so talented!