Monday, October 13, 2008

{Another Sneak Peak}

Ok, I know I have been doing a lot of sneak peaks lately, but I can't help it. I get excited to show you a sitting and so I throw a sneak peak up with every intention of showing more later. Unfortunately, then I get busy and don't get around to showing the whole sitting. I'm reforming though. I will definitely post the rest of this sitting later (and try to catch up on all of my previous ones).
I just have to say that I loved, loved, loved photographing Abby and Ryan. There were several times I thought we should cancel the sitting today and postpone for warmer weather, but I'm glad we preservered. The sun came out about 20 minutes before we got started and the lighting was beautiful, although the temperature remained chilly. Abby and Ryan were so fun, relaxed and happy together. There was lots of laughter and that always makes my day. I'll be posting more, but until then here is one of my favorites.


caitlin said...

Lindsey you are awesome!

dillydallychic said...

I LOVE the new "photo-logo" it's awesome! My new favorite! Gave out some more referrals tonight! Hugs!