Thursday, November 13, 2008

{Jet and Jude}

Cammie, the mom of these 2 cuties, and I go way back. We have been friends since my First Security Firstline days. If you remember from this sitting, Firstline was also where I met Scott.
I was super excited when Cammie contacted me to photograph her boys. I hadn't seen Jet since he was just a baby and he is at such a great age right now. I love it when babies get all chubby. Jude wasn't quite sure about the whole picture taking thing, but I still think we got some fun ones (I think crying pictures are cute pictures). Thanks Cammie! It was great to see you again.


caitlin said...

You "think" you got some good ones?? These are awesome!

brad&sav said...

i LOVE all of these! it makes me so excited to see ours! and to see reese smile! that picture is priceless!