Friday, January 30, 2009

{Taryn and Justin ~ Part Two}

Awhile back I posted part one of this super fun engagement session and I'm finally getting around to posting part two. Here are some of my favorites pictures that we took outside--outside in the cold, cold, cold weather. Taryn was a trooper because I know she was freezing. You can't tell from the pictures though. I'm a big fan of the colors she chose. We got a lot of color out of a cold, winter day.
Thanks guys! I can't wait for the wedding.


Amanda said...

I love your bright colors! #5 with the cola sign is my fave!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so fresh and genuine, nobody looks like they are posing. Are these all post processed with PW's actions? How are you bumping the color saturation?

Thanks, Dina