Wednesday, January 7, 2009

{Taryn and Justin~Part 1}

I had too many favorites of this sitting to just do one post. So, I divided it up into indoor shots and outdoors shots. These images are proof you can go to nice and warm places on cold wintery days. I should say nice and warm places with really beautiful light too. Most of these spots were spur of the moment choices directly determined by how freezing it was outside. Luckily we were in a fun area with cool people who let us invade their spaces. I should mention that I had fabulous time working with Taryn and Justin. They both had such great style, put up with all of my crazy ideas, and were totally easygoing and nice. Plus, Taryn shares my sister's name.
I can't wait for the wedding. Stay tuned for engagement pictures round two--out in the chilly outdoors!


caitlin said...

I love these! Especially the last one.

Dina said...

Love 'em! The light and colors are so vibrant!