Sunday, April 3, 2011

Amie and Steven

I'm getting soo caught up these days on posting. Amie and Steven's wedding was from last June! I may not fully get all my weddings from last year posted, but I'm sure going to try.

What can I say about this wedding? It was sunny, I love the Gardenia in Amie's hair, I loved their huge families, and that Amie is the only sister to all those brothers. I loved that it was so, so sunny and there was a fun swing, and lots of good food, and a pretty house. Most of all I just really liked working with Amie and Steven. They are both so down to earth, and easy going. The wedding was just like hanging out with family. I'm the oldest sister to 5 siblings, so it felt very familiar :)

Congrats Amie and Steven on your almost one year anniversary! Whoohoo!

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Diana said...

i can't believe you have no comments on this wedding yet! its so completely adorable. i looooove it. my fav is the last shot with her feet in the pool. =)