Thursday, April 7, 2011

Polaroids Are the Best and an Announcement

Scott, Lucy and I are soon going to be taking a little trip. And by little trip, I mean a big trip to a secret, tropical destination. This is exciting stuff! At least exciting for us, and so I need to spread the joy and create some super amazing and wonderful things for my blog when I'm gone. And since I'm in the process of organizing all 600+ of my Polaroids, I'm doing a Polaroid a day for the week! Wow! Exciting, right? I think yes. So, stay tuned next week. There will be a Polaroid Parade, complete with streamers and a 10K.

I love sharing these little Polaroids from my life. As I have been organizing them, I may have gotten a little teary. It's amazing to see 3 years of your life laid out in these little hand size prints. Speaking of Polaroids, I have about 10 boxes left, and they are coming with me.

So until then, how about some strawberries in San Francisco?


katherine said...


have a magical trip!!

meili said...

awe! you just made me want to get a polaroid camera so bad! I can't believe i don't even have one... I can't wait to see more!