Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ashlee and Nate

Ashlee and Nate drove all the way up from Manti, early in the morning, with a power outage, to do their engagement session. Not to mention a last minute location change due to weather. I think it all worked out though! I normally don't do morning sessions, but I think this one has my mind changed. I loved every single photo, and that has to do a little with the light, but a lot with how great Ashlee and Nate are together. They are so comfortable and relaxed and, you know, in love. Thank you Ashlee and Nate! I loved getting to know all about you, how you met (Vegas!) and what your future plans are.

You guys are amazing!

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Dina said...

every time I look at your images, I'm reminded that I need to start working on lightroom asap! as always, beautiful captures of light and love!