Monday, August 1, 2011

Kirstin and David

There is so many wonderful things I could say about this session,

How gorgeous Kirstin is, or how lovely the light was, or how great David is, or how much I liked Kirstin's family (hi guys!), or that I thought her dress was stunning, and Cinderellish, in the most beautiful, simple way. Or how Kirstin almost fainted and her mom had to run and get snacks from the mental hospital (okay, that part might not be wonderful, but it's a funny story, now.)

I wont say any of those things though, and just show you the pictures. Because I LOVE them. Kirstin and David are tying the knot next week, and although I'm sad I couldn't be there on their big day, I'm so happy I got to know them with their engagements and bridals. Good luck next week! I wish you the most beautiful Colorado wedding ever!


Mariana said...

GORGEOUS work, Lindsey!!! love the colors (summery greens on film kill me), the people, the location, your eye. Beyond lovely!

Laura Reaux said...

Wow, Lindsey. These are stunning! So beautiful. And I was really captivated by the first two black and whites on the right side (or the 2nd & 4th BW). Classic!

kirstin said...

Linsey you are amazing! I had so much fun throughout this process and the pictures are fantastic. You did such a great job capturing the moments! Thank you!