Friday, July 1, 2011

Jude and Jet

I photograph kids! I know it probably doesn't seem like it with proportion of weddings I post, but I love photographing kids and Jet and Jude have to be the two cutest boys ever. Jude's long, skinny legs and Jet's sneaky smile, had me laughing the whole time. This shoot was an experiment of sorts for me. It was my first time shooting all film for a sitting. I have to admit, I was a little nervous shooting two high energy boys without my trusty, speedy digital camera, but I left it at home and loaded up on film. Also, it was my first mini-session. Which means, we just played and ran around for half an hour. Mini sessions and film are both something I have wanted to try for awhile. I really love the idea of a non-traditional shoot, one where we just run, wrestle, play super heroes and laugh. I like the idea of capturing relationships and emotions, scraped up knees and and grass stains. I think these photos accomplished that. I hope so!

Thanks Cammie for bringing your cuties down. I should mention that Cammie is one of my oldest/dearest friends who I met working at the same call center where I met my Scott. I haven't seen her for over a year and I loved getting together. Afterwards, Lucy and Scott joined up for a picnic. And then it rained. So our picnic ended up inside, which sounds about right (it always rains when I'm with friends, or planning parties!)


Amy Beth said...

I love that you've really captured the spirit of these kiddos! Lovely work :)

May said...

Definitely! I especially love image 0056 the one of them hugging. Brotherly love! :)

Nicolette said...

Those boys sure are cute! I started doing mini sessions this year. I like 'em. Short and sweet!