Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rachel and Jake's Groomals

Funny story: When I was photographing Rachel and Jake's groomal session, I kept putting Rachel in these tall, tall grasses, or in the middle of the fields, smack dab in nature, pollen flying, grass blowing. And she never said, nay. But Rachel has wicked bad allergies, and it wasn't until I noticed that her eyes were red (super, super red) and watery, that I caught on. I felt so bad. No one wants a bride crying during their session (unless it's happy tears.) But when I think of Rachel and Jake, I think of how that epitomizes how kind and laid back and awesome they both are. Rachel and Jake might be the easiest couple I have ever worked with. I know Rachel is super, super gorgeous (I mean look at her!), but she is so genuine. And watching them together was truly a pleasure. The best part of my job is making connections with people, and becoming a part of their family for a day or so. I'm so happy for the two of them, and I know great things are in store.

Thank you Rachel and Jake for a beautiful session. And Rachel, I'm really, really sorry I didn't notice that you had crazy allergies. Now I always ask before I have a bride step into grass :)


LinDsEy ShaUn said...

linds these are beautiful. she is crazy gorg too! an even prettier version of penelope cruise of something!

Rachel said...

Wow, gorgeous. I love the tall wheat field photo! Perfection.

missy said...

I think this is probably one of my favorite sessions youve done, so pretty!